The Structure of Reality

New version of the main work

Against Dark Matter - A New Theory of Gravitation

Latest version of my theory of gravitation. It leads to a significantly greater rotation speed of galaxies

The Concept of Reality

The work as a whole; Only when the new concept of the world is seen in its entirety, the connection of all fundamental philosophical and physical questions becomes recognizable


Outline of the hypotheses of the book


On the status quo of physics and metaphysics; Overview of the physical and philosophical subjects of this website

Basics of a New Concept of Physics

Second Part of the book "The Concept of Reality" (Physics based on first principles; Alternative model of the universe)

Why does Light define Space and Time Measures?

Geometric explanation of Special Relativity. Answer to the question: Why does nature conform to the regulations of time and space measures predetermined by light?

Local and objective Interpretation of Quantum Theory

Explanation of the reduction of the wave function; What does actually happen at the double-slit experiment? Graphic explanation of the quantum-mechanical formalism

Local Description of Entangled Photons

Local explanation of EPR Correlations. No superluminal velocity, no other universes – just continuous, local and objective processes.

The Way to the Local Solution of the EPR Paradox

(For the sake of conciseness, the other papers on EPR listed on this site contain only the result itself)

Photoelectric Effect

Explanation of the effect as interaction of waves, without the assumption of light quants

Compton Effect

Explanation of the Compton scattering as wave superposition, without using any of the physical concepts originating from mechanics, as energy, momentum, mass etc.


Alternative model of the cosmos; Explanation of Dark Energy

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