Heinz Heinzmann

Local and objective Interpretation of Quantum Theory

Preliminary Note

The simplest way to outline the structure of quantum theory and, at the same time, to demonstrate the problems of its interpretation, is via paradigmatic application cases. Prior to quantum mechanics, such examples served for understanding the connection between the respective formalism and the underlying actually occurring physical process. But in quantum mechanics they serve the opposite: they are meant to demonstrate that the attempt to explain which real events are hiding behind the formalism is pointless.

Therefore, as introduction, two well-known scenarios shall now be presented – at first in the usual form to expose once more to which strange, not to say: absurd assumptions nature seems to compel us. Such a reminder is perhaps not completely superfluous – the frictionless working of the quantum mechanical formalism could easily push the interpretation problems all too far into the background.

Afterwards, step by step the tools will be developed which are needed for a local and objective interpretation of quantum mechanics. Later, the same scenarios – and some other ones – will be placed into the new interpretational framework and explained in such a way that all absurdities are eliminated and it becomes comprehensible what actually happens. Moreover, the new interpretation does not only avoid the oddities of the usual view but is even closer to the formalism.

As just before, in the explanation of special relativity, formal tools can almost completely be dispensed with; it is again a purely interpretational issue.


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