The Structure of Reality

New version of the main work

Why Free Will Exists and Why Robots are Not Sentient

Short version of the most important philosophical conclusions

The Concept of Reality

The work as a whole; Only when the new concept of the world is seen
in its entirety, the connection of all fundamental philosophical
and physical questions becomes recognizable


Outline of the hypotheses of the book


On the status quo of physics and metaphysics;
Overview of the physical and philosophical subjects of this website

Reality and Mathematics

Which kind of existence have mathematical objects and theorems?

On Induction and the Justification of Laws

Solution to the problem of the validity of general statements

Free Will

Clarifying of the relationship of mind and matter;
Substantiation of free will

The modified Picture of Reality

Answer to the question of whether reality is deterministic or not;
Abolition of the contradiction between natural lawfulness and freedom of mind


Explanation of the emergence of qualia

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