Open Letter on the Status of the Global Civilization

Dear Reader,

Recently, the celebrated abstract painter F. met the painting gorilla Hedwig, who – as is generally known – is considered by some of the most distinguished art critics as the great dark hope for the renewal of postmodernism. Reportedly, the encounter of the two artists was very fruitful. On the very same day, after deeply meditating and retreating into ancient mysteries, the peerless actionist N. succeeded in crapping a figure of such majestic sublimeness that many spectators – amongst them several politicians – spontaneously fell to their knees and burst into tears.

Just at the same time, the famous physicist D. consulted the shaman Pregnant Cloud for comparing the Reduction of the Wave Function with the shaman’s dream of the All-Creating Gaze of the Great White Bird and for clarifying the obvious connections between the physical concept of time traveling through wormholes and the closely related shamanic concept of the abolition of time by alcohol and other drugs. Likewise simultaneously, the physicist H., in former times one of the most prominent string theoreticians, in the end obtained Satori; After a three-year period of heavy suffering, sitting naked and lonely on a tower in Cambridge and chafing his ass up to his tailbone, he realized that the ultimate Theory of Everything is unthinkable, because the Tao, which can be thought, cannot be the true Tao.

Further amazing events followed immediately: The genetically optimized sheep Kitty – a creature designed by the geneticist A. – declared to be much more intelligent than its creator and claimed his job, the brain researcher R. avered desperately he was just the unconscious speaking tube of his neurons and could therefore not stop talking nonsense, the Born Again Preacher Q. announced the beginning of Armageddon with an accuracy of one millionth of a second (Jerusalem local time, of course), and the Philosopher S. emphasized that all these incidents were very serious issues that should be kept under tight surveillance.

I deeply regret not to have witnessed these exceptional events directly, all the more since their temporal coincidence indeed cannot be considered accidental but has to be attributed to the influence of the morphogenetic field that caused the enormous cosmic tension, which could be felt so strongly in recent times. Without any doubt the long-expected intellectual jump of mankind is impending.

Where will it lead to?

Dear Reader! – I would not dare to invite you – from these climaxes on the intellectual peaks of the present where I imagine you breathlessly dedicated – down to the lost lowlands of simple reason, which seems to have vanished a long time ago but has been recovered here, if the yield was not so overwhelmingly rich. However it would be irresponsible not to warn you: With reason it is the same as with other strong drugs: if you are not prepared for it, it can lead to some pain, to a shock or even to death by brain arrest – especially after such a long time of abstinence.


Heinz Heinzmann